Tempus Fugit Velut Umbra


Memory. Memory of what? Memory for whom? Memory for what? The series Tempus fugit velut umbra is a reflection upon my own memory. I have confronted with my eyes the things that surround me – objects, places within the home and the like. In that respect, these images reflect myself, and yet I remain invisible. All I see is a reflection of myself looking at some steps with a magnifying glass. I have tried to discover how these objects retain the memory of something.

The series is an interrogation of memory – as the photographs were taken, it became clear that memory seeks oblivion. I therefore tried to photograph objects in a way which would give a sense of time passing. The picture of the contents of an ashtray refers to so many cigarettes that I cannot remember having smoked any of them! When I photographed the lamp I couldn’t remember what it had thrown light upon! I don’t remember having eaten these eggs!

Each image, whilst giving one something to look at, also says that photography is an unperfected memory. Each image shows something which has been forgotten.

source: http://www.deepsleep.org.uk/view_story.php?photonow=2&article_id=76


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